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All on 4

Replace missing teeth and enjoy eating again with our revolutionary All-on-4 dental implants.

  • Full set of teeth in one day
  • Only one surgical appointment
  • Low cost option

All on 4™  is a revolutionary technique whereby a whole arch of failing or missing teeth is replaced with dental implants in a single visit now available at Wish Dental
The teeth are removed, implants placed and high-quality fixed temporary teeth are fitted, all without you needing to leave the Clinic.

All on 4™  can also be carried out for patients who have previously lost their own teeth and currently wear dentures, or to save you spending your time and money on teeth which are failing. The temporary teeth are fixed so patients can be free from their dentures on the day of implant placement. Once the healing period is completed and the im plants have integrated with the bone, a high-quality, durable permanent fixed bridge is fitted.

This treatment can offer patients a full arch or both arches of fixed replacement teeth. The placement of four dental implants at strategic positions and angles provide the foundation upon which a fixed tooth bridge can be placed.

For those patients who have suffered ill-fitting dentures, mobile or failing teeth for years, the provision of stable, comfortable, natural-looking teeth through dental implants really can restore that self-confidence and vitality that has often been lost.

We know what a difference this technique has made to so many of our patient’s lives. The sheer relief of being free from dentures or unhealthy, loose teeth is written all over their faces; their elated smiles say it all!

All on 4 can benefit patients who:

  • Are faced with a failing dentition, due to gum disease or failing restorations, whose only other option is to wear dentures.
  • Are unable to have gaps in their smile during implant treatment.
  • Currently wear upper and/or lower dentures.
  • Are unable to tolerate dentures.
  • Suffer from low self-confidence because of movement of dentures whilst talking or eating.
  • Feel limited with foods they can easily chew.

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"With my new straight teeth I felt confident to apply for my dream job with the airline industry!"

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